dimecres, 8 d’agost de 2018


Statement Of The Riffian Resistance at 28 & 29 July 2018 in Catalonia

1st Freedom for the over 2500 Political Prisoners in Morocco!
2nd The authorities in Rabat have to Attend All the Social Demands of the Riffian Pacifist Movement, and also the moroccan society!
3rd The Riffian Pacifist Movement Only accepts as interlocutors the Political Prisoners, and their leader Nasser Zafzafi!
4th The Power of Decision over the Future of the Riffian Pacifist Movement belongs, Only, to the Masses in Assembly!

Moaad Ahmjik – Riffian Activist, Belgium:
Demands from Spain a Change in their relationship with Morocco, because of their Atrocities in The Riff

Musa Dunat – Family of Political Prisoner Younes Fathi:
We Need not Only to speak about the Pain of the families of the Political Prisoners, but about the Pain of the families of the Killed by the Regime Too!

Natàlia Sànchez Dipp – MP of Catalan Parliament for CUP:
We have to Host the Emigrants from the South, with the Dignity We want to be Hosted when We Need Host & Solidarity!

Joan Tardà – MP of Spanish Parliament for ERC:
1st Acknowledgment of the Damages by Use of Prohibited Weapons by the Colonial Spanish Army!
2nd Official Budget for the Amazigh Language for Ceuta & Melilla!
3rd Oversee the Compliance of Spanish Cooperation in The Riff!
4th Freedom for All the Political Prisoners in Morocco & Spain!

Moustafa Ouarghi – NGO ANZUF, Brussels:
Remarked the Pacifism of Nasser Zafzafi, and that the Riffian Pacifist Movement is spread out over All North-Africa!

Khalid Bouyaala – Professor, University of Marseille:
Is Crucial not to Forget in this Conflict, that Besides the Political Prisoners, the Regime is also Jailing the Amazigh Language, as a Feature of the Riffian Identity!

Organizes: ACDPAC & @RiffianMovement
Cooperation: CO2